Social Media Interaction

Social Media help you improving your communication - inside and towards customers and partners.

??Smart Social Media Interaction made for the Small Business 2.0 Workforce

Social media is maturing, even if some people still consider Facebook & Co as the Today many companies have successfully integrated social media into their communication and business strategy. Web 2.0 is changing CRM, ERM and Knowledge Management. Human Interaction and interactivity with customers and partners is no longer perceived as a risky and spongy strategy, but more as a necessity to keep a competitive edge in the market and the dialogue with the consumers and to open the doors to efcient SME Cluster Management, especially in decentralized and cross-cultural ventures.

Build a customer-centric business.

Social media adoption is becoming the quality standard of a transparent, customer centric and accessible company. It also provides an important interface for sustainable quality management. Do you want a real evaluation of an efficient quality management? Just have a look at the way in which the enterprise is incorporating Social Media, Knowledge Platforms, Wikis, interactve communication and collaboration, and Social Learning tools.

Social Media strategies are not really necessary for DELL, APPLE or IKEA, even if their SMS (Social Media Strategy) works perfectly well, but for small and medium-sized enterprises, social businesses, and start-ups limited in their human and financial resources, social media strategies are the smart facilitators.

Social Media communication is providing the facilities to interact and to build up dynamic communication interfaces, reducing the cost of communication and providing the facilities to every enterprise to manage and to address its co-workers, customers and partners in real time, on mult-medial channels.

See what’s happening around you.

Social Media monitoring for small and medium-sized enterprises becomes a very efficient tool to create a smart enterprise intelligence agency providing the daily outlook over the local dashboard. Your business idea might be great, but your USP has many cousins you should know better. Their ideas, innovations and solutions are shareable, their business solutions too, and also their way to act and to connect. This enterprise intelligence agency is important for SME considering cluster and component structures and or joint ventures in cross-cultural networks.

Social Media and Learning

Social Media are supporting Learning Management Systems. Many of them are facilitating Life-long Learning and enterprise performance targets, in real time. Most of them are supported by Open Social software and are widely spreading information in the form of tutorials or online learning platforms. All these Social Media strategies cost nothing but the time to understand how they create interactivity and efficient workflow.

Take the challenges!

Social media represent a growing power and valuable source or knowledge that would be silly not to use. Take the time and have us present you the possibilities. Contact us – we’ll be happy to hear from you.