Life-long learning and the knowledge transfer are the foundation for sustainable quality management in enterprises.

The Social Media driven life long learning process

Business 2.0 has tremendous needs to build, manage, and formalize social and collaborative learning programs which are necessary to face the uncertainty and ambiguity of moving markets and customer behaviour. These are being driven by many factors: the slowing economy, the weakening investments or Venture Capital for SME and the “always-connected” nature of the workforce, the explosion of social software tools and platforms now available, create a silent revolution.

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises have to face many challenges simultaneously. Beside the hard facts of Business as usual, there is an important immaterial soft fact: Optimization of Human Interaction Strategy providing the best learning context for their business community on the roads of the local and global business with the Life Long Learning task in their mind.

The original “concepts” of e-learning have changed. Learning Management Systems too. In the first few years companies rushed rapidly to take existing slides and instructor materials and put them online or installed elearning software which very often didn?t fit neither to the demand nor to the time schedules of the people involved.

Today’s e-learning programs are very different than instructor led training: they act and behave like online movies, online video games, and immersive virtual experiences. ?Serious Game? software for inbound training sessions are trying to replace the boring elearning modules, where the individual learner is left alone with the content.

Elearning, Blended Learning, Mobile Learning becomes now Social Learning and today “instructional media” is everywhere – from YouTube to European IT Proficiency Exam, Online Business English, Html and Css Tutorials and Slideshare.net …You can learn everything on the world wide web, because Knowledge Sharing and informel Knowledge Transfer for educational purpose is the sunny side of the Web 2.0 revolution: everyone can communicate and share his know-how and knowledge.

So last decade of “e-learning” has been exciting, innovative, and transformational providing more facilities to SME to adapt the demand of new skills, professional knowledge and know-how to their coworkers? level. Such a concept was unthinkable in 2001

Where?s the problem?

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