We support you in establishing powerful knowledge platforms and using social media for your business communication.

Using Knowledge and Media Potentials.

As part of our consulting services we support you in creating powerful knowledge portals. Our services include:

  • Company-internal moderation to identify best use practices for your knowledge potentials
  • An efficient knowledge balancing and support in extending your knowledge potentials
  • Creation of a user-generated Web 2.0 interactive knowledge platform.

Everyday Social Media Communication

  • Commenting, posting and blogging require an additional effort, but create additional, sustainable value.
  • Social Media Monitoring allow for the taxonomy of your knowledge with cross-cultural content harvesting.
  • Social bookmarking as the perfect tool to establish interactive knowledge generators.

Consulting and Monitoring

  • Consultancy to support the creation of an interactive Learning Management Systems with cross-generation knowledge transfer.


We do not distribute or promote software or software solutions, but we can lend you our experience in advising you with best-practice Open Source tools.