Connect2Communicate - Competence in cross-generational and cross-cultural knowledge transfer.


What makes us us

A 25-year career has served Dr. Angelica Laurençon well in her current roles as consultant, professor, and Social Media Facilitator. Since 2007 she has been trying to convince and convert SME in European regions, to integrate all the Web 2.0 interacton facilites made for Small Business? taskforce.

In 2008, she has launched translate2communicate, a European Networking initatve with the mission to facilitate SME Clustering with LMS, ECM and Web 2.0 based Human Interacton and Knowledge Transfer.

Dr. Angelica Laurençon is passionate about knowledge translaton and sharing and their use to realize renewable and sustainable added-value, for the individuals on their lifelong Learning road and for the organizatons they are working for.

Her favorite mission? Working with customers to develop engaging and relevant knowledge sharing inside cross-cultural SME Clusters, where interactve collaboraton in LMS, Cross- Cultural Content Harvestng and Business intelligence with Social Media Monitoring become the formidable assets in interactve and cross-cultural collaboraton.

Presently, she is partcipating in the Social Software and in several e-learning projects in African Countries.