• Social Media

    Nutzen Sie innovative, kollaborative Wissensplattformen zur Steigerung der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit Ihres Business. mehr »

  • eLearning

    Stärken Sie Ihre Marktposition durch die Nutzung innovativer eLearning-Methoden. »

  • Wissensmanagement

    Lernen Sie, vorhandenes Wissen effektiv und gemeinsam zu nutzen. mehr »

  • Lifelong Learning

    Bleiben Sie mit einfachen Learning Management Systemen auf der Höhe der Zeit. mehr »

Business 2.0 creates new potentials for small and medium-sized businesses.

Social Media

Social Media are no magic potion, and no hype that only matters to the Facebook generation. They are new communication channels that have changed the business world, and the communication within. More

eLearning Strategies

Small and medium-sized businesses are facing multiple challenges, all at once. To master them they have to optimize their interaction strategies. eLearning provides the perfect environment for that. More

Using Your Knowledge

Keeping knowledge, experience and skills up to date becomes an increasingly important responsibility of true entrepreneurship. Knowledge management helps to solve that task efficiently. More

Life-Long Learning

Digital Know How, the use of viral efficiency and connectivity, knowledge sharing methods, and collaborative workforce are the tools to acquire in a personal and corporate lifelong learning process More