Einfach anders denken ist einfacher als man denkt!

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Back To School

Lifelong learning is part of the new workforce management. It starts by managing your own professional curriculum which is open end. Yesterday, parents and students invested in tuition fees – thousands of dollars per year with big expectations and a schedule: after five years of fears,sweat and brainstorming, a better life becomes reality. Today, every worker knows that even expensive knowledge and skills are perishable, if they are not just useless on the job market. If they want to get an interesting job, they have to be interesting too – at least for the recruiter.

Who pays for this permanent effort of learning and reinvesting in the personal professional value? The leaders of the the new creative industry like Apple, Google or Dell are participating at many different ways: Life long learners can integrate the personal training management in their workflow and working hours and the company takes in charge the tuition fees.

But what about the increasing number of freelancers and contractors? They have to learn proactive, keep an eye on the latest technologies likely to change their expertise. By 2020, they will be  the majority. It’s time to reorganize for lifelong learning and training which is part of the performance of the crowd. The ratio between highly skilled workers and the economic growth is part of the collective competitiveness.

Back to School: Adults and Higher Education

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