Einfach anders denken ist einfacher als man denkt!

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Smarter Working 4.0

Just an infograph before you dive into The Race Aainst the Machine written by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee. Don’t run, the race is already lost.  The smart machines become part of every knowledge workers environment.Familiarize with their efficiency.

They are interactive, proactive and highly reactive. They are also highly efficient. 24/7 workers without any burn out.

How susceptible is your job to computerisation? If you want to get a reliable answer, just read this Oxford-Study. It’s not so compelling as this flushy infograph, but this great analysis provides a lot of hard facts about our Smarter Working 4.0. Your best coworker will be HAL or RD-D2. Stay tuned.


What If Machines Ruled the World?

by Lenovo.

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