Einfach anders denken ist einfacher als man denkt!

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The Ununi Reality Know-How

The age of decentralized workers becomes reality. Everywhere in global business. In Europe too. And even Germany, the Island of the blissful Internet ignorance, will not stay outside of the future of work. Small and Medium Enterprises, freelancers, glocal knowledge workers…here are some free advices from the ununi. team on how to dive into the age of decentralized working and learning without drawning in numbers.Working and learning are connected. Interconnected during your workflow and you are the junction point. Ready? You’re sure?

Tip N° 1 

Work in a team or in a cluster and give you a task with a deadline.
Select the right tools. There are three major categories for You that we have already tested and tried at ununi.tv. 

  1. Web based content harvesting, curation and saving, such as cloud computing issues ;
  2. Web based online collaboration software, and there are quite a lot we can help you to work better, faster and less ;
  3. Web based communication software. You want to know how it works? Have a look at our website.

Learn how to work and to perform yourself at any place, any time, anyhow, even sitting in the morning sun on the dock of the bay…
Stay remotely conneted, everyday if you have to do so.  The future belongs to the glocally connected people.  You may want to stay at home, but you have to be connected to the world.
Don’t step into the trap of the extended time line: Time is money. If you want to loose both, do it at least with pleasure and awareness. Are you respecting your timeline ? If the answer is “Yes”…you have successfully implemented a telecommuting program. If the answer is “No”….you’d better ask for some help. Decentralized working requires self organized people. That’s the biggest challenge.  What’s the keyword of this first tip out of our toolbox ?

Telecommuting.  You want to know more about how it works ? Just ask ! What do they call it in Germany? Telearbeit ! Sounds like work, but this is part of the digital divide between the 21st century web economy and the old European way of thinking. Paradigm shift is already in the move. Stay in the flow.

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